Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Fashion Challenge: Day 1

------Day 1------

-31 Day Fashion Challenge-
 "Your Wardrobe"
I always love to see how others organise their clothes, make up etc. so am definitely loving this challenge! It has taken a long time to get my room the way I want it, particularly my wardrobe. My room is a really odd shape so it was quite difficult, but I finally got it perfect last year. Of course I wish it were bigger, but sadly I my sister wont let me kick her out of her room, so my dreams of a walk in wardrobe will have to wait.. *sigh*

Welcome to Narnia..
My room used to be 2 tiny rooms, but we knocked the dividing wall down to make it a decent size (hence the random strip of carpet in the middle). We put shelves and rails into the doorway I don't use to turn that into built in wardrobe. We also put a mirrored double sliding door in too which covers the doorway and the wall next to it, so it looks bigger than it is when closed. Its obviously useful having a big full length mirror there, plus it makes my long and narrow room look a little wider.


There is a high rail at the front for dresses and long skirts, then at the back there is a rail above a shelf which just fits tops, cardigans, short skirts and folded trousers. I have tried to organise it by colours too to make outfit building easier (white-cream-beige-yellow-orange-red-purple-blue-green-black).

On the floor I keep my shoes on a rack, boots on the floor, and I use bins to store my flip flops and umbrellas.

-Instagram 'Style Me May' Challenge-

Day 1: "Makes Me Want To Twirl"
Dress - Primark



  1. What a mahussive mirror you've got, mines like 1/10 of this haha x

  2. I bet it looks more organised on the inside though! There was a time I had no mirror at all, having a big one makes a nice change :) xx

  3. Danielle Almond2 May 2012 at 19:29

    I love the twirl dress. Very twirly!

  4. That Primark dress is absolutely gorgeous, I would want to twirl too :)


  5. I love it, Just waiting for the weather to get better now so I can finally wear it! :) xx


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