Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How I Store My LUSH Soaps

Now I know this isn't anything new in the slightest, but I just wanted to show you how I'm storing my LUSH soaps. 

I've seen a few tutorials on how people store their soaps, and I know a lot of you use this method:
I cut up my LUSH soaps to use a bit at a time so I dont get the whole bar wet, and I'm not stuck having to only use that soap, so I can mix and match each day. I also keep one small chunk at the sink to wash my hands with.

Firstly I make sure I sanitize my chopping board and knife with 91% Alcohol (I have a knife dedicated just to LUSH soaps so that my food doesn't end up tasting of soap!) And then I just cut one small segment off the block of soap.

I came across this container at Homebase (below)
I love this because it has 2 sections, which can be removed to make one big one. 

I removed the labels from the wrapping the soaps came in, and stuck them under the compartments so I can see which soap is which without it getting ruined by the soap.

Once I've cut a segment off each soap, I wrap the remaining block in cling-film and place it in its section above its label (below)

A lot of people I've seen cut the whole block up into small segments and wrap each one up individually in cling film. Theres a reason I haven't done this:
To me wrapping LUSH products up in plastic kind of defeats the point of them being naked, and goes against LUSH's philosophy of minimising packaging as most plastic is not bio-degradable

Although I HAVE used cling film, I've used it on one big block, which means when I need another small segment I just cut it off and wrap the block back up in the SAME wrapping, and then when the block is done the left over cling film is big enough to be used AGAIN.

So there is some kind of method in the madness!

Below: I've tried to recycle as much of the 'ingredients' label as I can by putting the 'fresh handmade cosmetics' part from both labels on each side. Then I cut the soap name from the label and stuck it onto the corresponding end:

With the small segments I cut off, I placed them into a small container (BELOW RIGHT) to keep in the bathroom. 

Its also very handy to travel with as they last a long time, and I don't particularly want to be carrying around a big block of soap! Especially as I'm prone to losing things, so if I get home and realise I left it in the hotel/friends house then it doesn't matter too much as I have more spare!

This idea works really well for me, but tips and new ideas are always welcome as I'm still a LUSH newbie, so I'm sure I'm doing it wrong! Haha

Would love to hear what you do with yours! 


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