Sunday, 1 May 2011

Birthday Haul

It was my Birthday yesterday! 
I didn't end up doing much for it, but it was a lovely sunny day and I live along the Downs Link (an old railway line turned public footpath) so went for a lovely walk in the sunshine with my family and puppy to a nice little pub. 

I FINALLY got to open the presents I picked out from LUSH with my sister!
....And of course the things I bought for myself :/
Picked myself up a lush times too. Why not!

In case you cant see clearly, here's what I got:

Ballistic: Honey Bee
Cleanser: Angels on Bare Skin
Toner: Breath of Fresh Air
Moisturiser: Celestial
Serum: Full of Grace
Soap: Honey I Washed The Kids
Soap: Porridge (Absolutely in love with the smell of this soap!)
Hand Moisturiser: Tiny Hands
Toner Tab: Vit C
Toner Tab: Tea Tree
Massage Bar: Therapy
Shower Gel: The Olive Branch
Charity Pot, Toothy Tabs, Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser, Vanishing Cream Moisturiser,Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask, Jackie Oats (colours), and Light Pink (Colours)

I love everything I got, and once I've been using them for a few days I'll post up reviews on each of the products. 

So far I've used the cleanser, toner and moisturiser, Tiny Hands, plus the Porridge soap, and at this moment in time I'm very impressed :) My skin looks and feels so much nicer, and the smell of the soap and hand moisturiser has stayed on my skin for so long. 
I think I'm in love <3


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