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DIY Moisturiser For All Skin Types

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I've wanted to make my own moisturiser for a while now as I was using Lush's Celestial moisturiser, which I loved at first, then my skin started to react to it. I am allergic to almonds, and unfortunately that moisturiser contained almonds (an ingredient that is in most of Lush's skincare unfortunately). Also, Lush's products aren't 100% natural, so I wanted to make my own moisturiser that was.

By making my own skincare I can control what goes into it, and tailor it to my skins needs. 
This was probably my favourite DIY project, and it's so easy to make - you just need 2 ingredients:

Vegetable Glycerin

I chose to use Rose Water for mine as it has calming properties, and adds a nice scent to it. But you can use regular water too, and it will still be effective.

Glycerine is quite an amazing product. It is a humectant, which means it absorbs water and moisture.
If you apply it directly to the skin, it will absorb all the moisture from it - which obviously is NOT what you want.

BUT, if you add water to it then it helps seal in the moisture when applied to your skin, plus it helps by drawing in moisture from the air around you, and pulls it into your skin, which is quite amazing. (Make sure there is a little more water than glycerine, keep reading below to find measurements)
You'll find glycerine is a key ingredient in moisturisers and other skincare, and this is why.


You want to aim for a mixture of 1 part Glycerine plus 2 or 3 parts Water.

I used 1 part Glycerine, 3 parts Rose Water. Though you can play around with this and see which suits your skin best.

So this is the final product! Easy peasy.

You'll see the mixture separates so the glycerine sits at the bottom, and the water stays on top. Make sure you shake the moisturiser well before each use.

Possible Modifications
If you wish, you can add tea tree oil, or any other essential oils you wish to add to suit your skin type more.
-I decided not to do this so I could see how this worked on its own first. Then if I felt more needed to be added, I could do so at a later stage.

How To Use

I would recommend you store the mixture in a spray bottle so it's easier to apply, but I used a bottle with a lid as that's all I had lying around. Here are my instructions for both:

Spray Bottle Method
1 Shake bottle well
2 Close eyes and spray lightly all over your freshly cleansed and toned skin
3 Massage into skin

Lid Bottle Method
1 Shake bottle well
2 Apply mixture to a cosmetic sponge/cotton pad, and gently apply to freshly cleansed and toned skin

My Thoughts on this Moisturiser

I absolutely love this moisturiser. It took a while to get used to as it has the consistency of water, so it feels a bit weird to apply at first. And It took me a few days to realise how amazing this was for my skin - I guess because my skin was still suffering the after effects of my previous moisturiser. But it is hands down the best moisturiser I've used!

I bought the vegetable glycerine on eBay here, and the rose water you can pick up quite easily and cheaply from the supermarket, or an ethnic food store.

I now use only home made skincare in my beauty regime, and honestly my skin has never looked better! I very rarely suffer breakouts anymore, and the texture of my skin is so much better. My skin is still not perfect, but there is a definite difference since switching to this new regime.

You can find the rest of my DIY skincare posts on my Natural Beauty page above. I have more posts lined up soon.

Have you used this method before? I'd love to hear of any DIY skincare you use.
Feel free to leave a link if you've posted about any. I am majorly into my DIY skincare at the moment, so any tips/advice you have are more than welcome!



  1. WWww this is fab, i always have trouble trying to find a moisturiser for my sensitive sking because of all the ingredients, will have to try this next! thanks xox

  2. Interesting

  3. Love this post. I'm really into homemade products too. Not sure if you'd read my homemade oil cleansers.
    I really want to try a homemade toner too at some point.

  4. I definitely recommend this as its very gentle. Usually I have a lot of trouble with moisturisers, but haven't had any with this x

  5. this is such a good idea! i hate splashing out on a moisturiser and it not work for me, and i hate paying for cheap ones that are full of crap!

    i will definitely try this!

  6. Exactly, plus I always find I'm still left with a few dry patches in the winter with every moisturiser I've tried. With this I haven't had any! Thinking of adding tea tree oil to my next batch and seeing how that works.

    You'll have to let me know how you get on :) xx

  7. Im going to try this, I have such sensitive skin and I get the odd few breakout, thanks for sharing

  8. Great DIY hun.. and nice blog.. x


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