Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What to Get Him for Valentines Day - part 1

Valentines day is soon approaching, and for those in relationships you're probably wondering what to get your partner. I was thinking about what to focus on, when I figured I'd come up with Valentines Day gift ideas for HIM (assuming you're that way inclined).

So I roped my poor boyfriend in to help me with this post. I figured I'd get him to help me with his speciality: Aftershaves.

Before we begin I thought it would be a good idea to show you his collection:

In this photo alone I counted 35 aftershaves! And I pretty much doubt they're all on here too! I think obsessed is an understatement. Seriously though, he lives by the motto "I don't care what I look like as long as I smell good", so who better to recommend aftershaves to you!

As you can see I'm pretty much stuck for ideas for gifts as there's no way I can remember what he has or hasn't got, but I figured I could help others who were stuck for ideas.

I asked him to select his top 5 aftershaves for different occasions.
I'm going to post his recommendations as a trilogy, so lets start the first one off with...

Daytime Fragrances

These 5 are his recommended choice of aftershaves for everyday wear:
I've listed prices found from Fragrance Direct so you get a general idea, but I'm sure you can still find cheaper elsewhere online.

Hugo Boss 'Hugo', £18.95 for 40ml: This is one of his 'go-to' fragrances for when he's not sure what aftershave to wear. He says this can be worn any season, but would recommend it more for colder weather.

Versace 'Blue Jeans', £14.99 for 75ml: I'd seen this a lot on offer in Superdrug and Boots over the years, and have to admit I had the impression that this would be quite a tacky aftershave with a less than average smell, but now I've finally had the chance to smell it I actually really like it, and obviously so does he. The fact that it's so cheap is a bonus because it means you don't have to worry too much about wasting it, and can still smell good without breaking the bank. He recommends this during autumn/winter months, and says this is his most reached for fragrance. 

CK 'be', £24.99 for 200ml: This is a nice subtle day time fragrance, which is perfect for work, or if you're in a situation where you want to smell good, but not in an overpowering way.  This is a great year-rounder as it's perfect for all seasons.

David Bekham 'Instinct', £13.95 for 75ml: This I'm told is a great fragrance as it's sweet enough to be worn during the day, but formal enough to wear in an evening. So this is perfect if you're at a daytime event that carries on to the evening, or are unlikely to have time to get ready again before going on a night out. 

Paul Smith 'Extreme', £15.99 for 50ml: Finally, this aftershave he recommends for the warmer months. This has a nice simple lemony scent, and he loves to wear it in the spring as it always reminds him of summer. Maybe with spring coming up this one could be a good one to go for? 

So that's it for his Top 5 Daytime Aftershaves, and none of these break the bank at all. I would say this is definitely the cheaper part of the trilogy, so if you're looking for a great aftershave but don't have a lot to spend (like me), then this one is where you'll find the most choice. 

I hope you have found this helpful for gift ideas.
If you have any questions please ask me, and I'll keep pestering him for answers ;)

The next two in the trilogy will be Top 5 Evening Aftershaves and Top 5 Summer Aftershaves.



  1. Great post, how I did chuckle I can't believe how many aftershaves your man has. I once bought my BF one for Christmas about 7 years ago, he wore it once, I was very upset when I found it & had to bin it, it was rather expensive :(

  2. I know, I always thought he was exaggerating when he said he had about 30 aftershaves. Until I just counted :/
    Oh no, thats a shame! What one was it?
    I did accidentally buy him an aftershave once, not realising he already had it! But then I guess that meant he liked it if he already owned it. But still! If I ever want to get him any more (which I don't think I should haha) I have run it buy him in case he has it.
    I'm completely stuck for an idea this year though! :/ xx

  3. That is a lot of aftershave! I think Chris has about 5 ha! xx

  4. Haha tell me about it. There was a time when I'd have thought 5 was a lot! xx


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