Saturday, 28 January 2012

Modifying my Curling Iron

I recently saw a tutorial on how to turn you curling iron into a curling wand (here), and had to try it!

The difference between the two is simple: one has a clamp, and the other one doesn't. I know a lot of people prefer wands, and I've somehow ended up owning two curling irons, so I decided to give it a go! 
Note: If you keep the parts you take off, it's easy to put back together again if you change your mind.

The Process

So obviously you start off with your iron, and the first thing you do it pull off the metal stand, like below:

Next you want to remove the screws either side of the clamp (lets ignore the fact that I'm clearly using the wrong kind of screwdriver in the photo below!)

Once the clamp has been removed, you'll be left with the spring:

The last step is to unscrew and remove this spring.
(This screw was quite small, luckily I'd won a pack of mini screwdrivers in a cracker at Christmas! Haha)

And that is basically it! All you need to do is keep the parts in a safe place in case you change your mind.
(and in my case give it a good clean, as mine was quite heavily covered in hairspray :/)

The Final Result

Now you're left with a lovely 'new' curling wand!

I can see this saving me a lot of time creating curls, as I don't have to faff around with the clamp, or risk getting it tangled in my hair (-yes I am that hopeless).
Can't wait to try these out!

I hope you liked this tutorial and found it useful. 
I'd love to know your favourite curling tool/techique?



  1. so useful! i'm so doing this! x

  2. Haha, straight after I'd heard of this I went on a hunt for a screwdriver so I could do this.
    Good luck! xx

  3. I've heard about that, it's a great idea, although I think I prefer the look achieved with a curling iron... still can't decide!

  4. This sounds like a great idea! I've been thinking about buying a Curling Wand, but this will definitely save me some pennies :) Lately I've been using GHDs to create curls in my hair, but I need to try this! xo

  5. Interesting, I wouldn't have thought to do this, I went and got a curling wand!

  6. I think I'll prefer the wand, but thats only because I'm a bit rubbish haha. Seem to get the clamp caught in my hair now and then :/ xx

  7. I would love to use my GHDs to curl with, I think most people prefer to use those. But I can only seem to curl one side of my hair, when I go to do the other side I end up straightening it somehow. I definitely need more practise! xx

  8. Oh no! haha. Well most curling wands are wider at the base and narrow towards the end, whereas these are the same width all the way through, so you might prefer an actual curling wand to this method any way! :) xx


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