Saturday, 21 January 2012

False Lashes Review

My lashes are quite long, but dead straight and next to impossible to curl, and as a result it can look like I have no lashes!
I had found a mascara that actually gave them a curl (see post here), but I haven't been able to find it in the shops for a few months now, so I think its been discontinued :(

So I've been looking into false eyelashes as a substitute for my stubborn lashes.
The one trouble I have with most lashes is, because my eyes are quite small compared to most peoples, I struggle to find ones that look right (and that's even after I've trimmed them down to fit).

On eBay I came across this pack of 10 natural lashes for £2 from a UK seller, and thought they were an absolute bargain. And if they didn't look right I wouldn't have lost much!

The Lashes

From first impressions these lashes look like they're quite good qualitly. They don't look too daunting either. Usually I would immediately assume the thicker the lashes, the better they would look on. But I'm starting to learn thats not always the case, hence my trying these 'natural' look lashes.

I really like how natural these look, and they don't look ridiculous on my tiny eyes! The main problem I have with lashes that are thicker than these is that their heaviness tends to be made to suit 'normal' sized eyes better, so once trimmed down they can end up looking a bit peculiar on me. I should have looked into getting the natural ones sooner!

I've learnt with false lashes its mostly trial and error until you find the right ones for you, as no ones eyes are the exact size/shape. But these I love, and will definitely repurchase! I know I'll get a lot of use out of these lashes because they're so natural I can wear them during the day without worrying about them looking fake. 

Strangely the seller I bought them from don't seem to be selling false lashes any more, but you can buy the same ones for 99p from a seller in Hong Kong (here), and they offer a lot more choice of lashes (these are number 108). 

Eye Products Used:

Brows: HD Palette 'Foxy'
Eyeshadows: MAC 'Vanilla' and 'Cocomotion' pigments, and MAC eyeshadow 'Satin Taupe'
Eyeliner: Rimmel Exaggerate '100% Black' & Gosh eyeliner pencil 'black'
Mascara: Rimmel 3 looks mascara 'Black'

What are your thought on these lashes? I'd love to hear any recommendations.



  1. These look amazing, I am a false lash addict! x

  2. Ooh, I like the lashes in the top picture, and you're eye don't look small at all!

  3. Haha thanks, but I have to cut so of false lashes to make them fit my eye. I think the winged eyeliner helps to make them look a bit bigger! xx

  4. Once I get used to how they feel on my eyes I don't think it will take too long to become addicted too! I love the effect false lashes give to a look xx

  5. These lashes really do look natural. You have lovely eyes - such a pretty shade of brown! :)

  6. Aw thank you so much :)
    I'll definitely get this lashes again, think these are now my 'go-to' lashes xx

  7. These look amazing :) I'll definitely be checking out ebay! Love your blog :) x

  8. Aw thank you :) I'm way too addicted to ebay haha. I'm waiting for more lashes to come through so I can review more. They are amazing value for money xx

  9. Hello Carrie, I have the exact same problem than you with small eyes and thick and long eyelashes but straight. I usually curl my lashes twice and then apply waterproof mascara because it is the only one that does not faint my lashes. But I recently discovered a korean brand called Missha that carries a eyelash fixer that is a clear mascara especially made for eyelashes to stay in place (its not eyebrow gel). with this thing I can apply any mascara and my lashes stay curled for ever.

    One day I decided to try false eyelashes because I wanted a fuller effect, but it was a problem to find the right ones, the US brand called Ardell has two that I like, the Babies (they are very natural and can be worn in the day) and the demi wispies that are kind of cat eyes, but they are not so long so they don't touch the eyebrows.


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