Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Search For My Perfect Mascara...Over?

For years I've been trying and failing to find my perfect mascara.

Below are just a few of the Mascaras I've tried on my hunt for a mascara that actually works on my stubbourn lashes!
-Up until now I've been unsuccessful.

The Problem:

I have 'Camel' lashes: Very long, but dead straight and limp. Instead of curling up like most lashes, they grow straight down.
They do not like to curl, and without mascara they look non-existent.

With most mascaras I've tried I have found it difficult to achieve a curl, and ALWAYS need to use eyelash curlers. But even with this the mascara does not let my lashes hold the curl for long, and within less than a minute my lashes look as though I haven't bothered!

The Solution:
Collection 2000 Collagen Curl £4.99

Collagen Curl has been a lifesaver!

I love the curved brush, and the mascara itself is what I've been looking for.
The waterproof version (pictured above) has a much drier consistency, and to begin with I was sceptical because it reminded me of a dried up old mascara. But when applied it holds the curl beautifully!
-I still need to use curlers, but this time the curl not only stays for more than one minute, but actually lasts all day!

The non-water proof one has a much better texture when applying, but still holds exactly the same.
There is no flaking, and I'm so impressed. It's one of the cheapest mascaras I've tried, but it beats higher end brands hands down!

Tips for a Beautiful Curl:

Curl Lashes: For a long lasting curl I recommend heating metal eyelash curlers under a hair dryer for a few seconds, then curl lashes gradually, closing the curlers lightly and holding for about 10-15 seconds.
1st Coat: Apply Collagen Curl mascara and leave to dry.
Optional: For an added boost I curl my lashes one more time, very lightly just at the roots without heat (or your mascara will melt)
2nd Coat: You can use Collagen Curl again, OR if you wish to make you lashes more volumnous I'd recommend Rimmel's Day2Night mascara, using the VOLUME option (pictured below).

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day2Night Mascara £5.99

 The Result:
Achieved using a mixture of the 2 mascaras for a voluminous curl

Collection 2000 have since discontinued this mascara, so now the hunt is back on.



  1. Thank you for posting this. Evidently, I need a new mascara so will give this one a go.


  2. How pretty!! I love the eyeshadOw you used, what brand is it?? And wooow I think I'm too scared of using a heard eyelash curler, I would probably burn myself

  3. It's either one of Dior's 5 Coleur eyeshadows, or from the pallette at the bottom of this bargain post:
    I'll do a tutorial on it soon :)

    And I have burnt myself in the past haha, so I always test it on the back of my hand first xx

  4. your lashes look gorgeous! great post! :D

  5. I really rate both, though I'd get the non-waterproof version of the Collagen Curl Mascara.
    Let me know what you think! xx

  6. Daniella Abraham11 August 2011 at 12:56

    You have amazing lashes! What a difference in the last picture, you would think you had false lashes on! These are the kind of eyes that should be used in adverts rather than using celebs with infills! x

  7. Aw thank you so much!
    That's a huge compliment :)

  8. gorgeous lashes! so glad you found something that works for you :)

  9. Wow, can't believe the difference. It's brilliant when you find the perfect mascara

  10. Thank you! So glad I can put the search to rest, and love that it doesn't cost a fortune! xx

  11. I know, I'm so happy I finally found one that tames my lashes.
    The only other mascara that worked like this got continued years ago, I hope that doesn't happen to this one!

  12. WOW! Now that is amazing! I love reading posts like this, it proves you don't have to go high-end to get a result. That and your lashes look amazing with the mascara on! Mel xxxx

  13. Aw thank you :)
    Was expecting to pay £££ for a mascara to actually work on my lashes, but I'm so glad I don't have to!


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