Friday, 26 August 2011

Project Pan

Recently I've found myself trying to spend more than I actually have, and buying things I want, but don't really NEED.
It's got to the point where I can't go into town without buying something (even if it's just for £1).
So to try and 'cure' myself before it gets out of hand, I've decided to go on a spending ban, and join on the bandwagon of doing a 'Project Pan'.

An 'imaginative' photo of empty pans...

Most people will do a Project 10 Pan (or any number of their choosing), where they go on a spending ban until they've used up that number of the products they already own.
However, I'll be doing mine a little differently:

Instead of allocating a number of products to use up, I will be doing this project for a month and setting a challenge to see how many products I can get through in that time.
-If it goes well I will maybe carry it on for the next month etc.

Today is pay day for me, so I will be starting it today until next pay day (5 weeks from now).

- For a month I am not allowed to purchase any new make up/skincare/haircare products
- The only products in this category I am allowed to purchase are cotton pads, and hygiene products should I run out completely!
-My project pan will span across make up, skincare and haircare, and I will use all the products I've been hoarding and attempt to re-discover old favourites, or new products I've bought but never got around to using. 

Please note that there are a couple hauls I haven't posted up yet, so if you see one up here during my spending ban it's from before this spending ban (though if I DO break my ban, I'll make sure I say so you can all tell me off :/)

I would love to hear if anyone else is doing anything similar, or if you'd like to do this version with me I'd love the company! 
Its going to be a tough month :(



  1. I really need to do something like this but I seriously lack the will power :( good luck :) x

  2. This new kind of ProjectPan is really intresting! Maybe I'll try it when I'll finish my own PP! I've started on 18/08/2011 and I've finished today one of the products...if someone like me can do that, you can do it ten times better :D GOOD LUCK ( ^^)

  3. I am limiting my makeup spending beginning in September till December by only buying 3 unnecessary items a month. I don't tend to hoard basics (foundation, concealer, etc.) so those don't count and I can buy them as needed.

  4. If I had the will power, I'd do this! xx

  5. I'm trying to not purchase anything unless I totally use up at least five products the month before. I tried to do a Project 10 Pan and I lacked the willpower to do so. Good luck!

  6. Good luck love loool I'm too much of a spendaholic to try this . . .the thought actually scared me a little loool

  7. Haha, thanks. Trust me, I'm not finding this easy at all. And it's only been 3 days! x

  8. Ah that sounds good. Yeah, I hope I can do it, if not I may try something like that! Thank you x

  9. I was trying to decide for a while if I could do it. Let me know if you decide to! x

  10. Ooh, I like that idea. I might make a similar rule for myself when I'm done with my project pan. Just to make sure I don't sink back into my old ways. Thanks for the great tip! x

  11. Hehe, Im sure you could do it. Though I'll soon see if I can even do it! Thank you for the luck :) x

  12. Aw thank you. Yeah you should definitely try it. Good luck with your own Project Pan - I hope I finish my first product as quickly! Thanks for the support :) x


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