Thursday, 11 August 2011

July Overview

This post is way overdue! But here it is anyway; an update of what I got up to in July.

1 - My OH visited me for the first time in sooo long (it's usually me making the journey to visit him) so we made the most of the rare sunshine by going for a bike ride - He wanted to ride for 30 miles(!!!) and I have never gone further than 7 before - but luckily his bike broke! Hehe

2 - A really bizarre thing I've been addicted to doing recently is icing digestives! I'm far too lazy to bake so I've convinced myself this is the next best thing...

3&4 - I met up 2 of my friends for a meal in London (One on the left and me on the right, the other is not pictured) They both live and work in the big city, living quite envious lifestyles!

We had our meal in the new Madison Roof Top Terrace Restaurant in St Pauls.
In all honesty I was disappointed as I expected so much more from it.
They'd whited out the top of the windows to block out harsh sunlight, but it made the outside look gloomy and depressing even though the sun was shining. The menu was less impressive, hence I settled for an unadventurous burger.

However the company I had made it a great night, and I loved catching up with them! We followed up with a trip to the Champagne Bar before making our way home.

5 - Last but not least: My beautiful new shoes from my New Job!
I landed a job in Jane Shilton, which means I am no longer broke - hence the shoes! I absolutely LOVE them. Though I now have my eye on a £75 bag :/



  1. The shoes are fab!!

  2. The first photo on the bike is so dreamy. I want to ride there too!

  3. It's on the Downs Link, I always take it for granted that it's right on my doorstep.
    It's so beautiful there when the sun is shining xx


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