Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Make Up Haul

I had a welcome surprise at work yesterday when I found a payslip waiting for me!
-I've just started working there and so was not expecting to get anything for another month.

So of course I took advantage of the increase in my bank balance and went shopping!

Rotary Holder £5.99

I love TK MAXX for its homewares section, and whilst browsing I found this rotary holder which would be perfect for storing make up brushes, pencils, mascaras, or anything else you can think of. 
-I'll be using mine to section off my eyeliners, lip liners, eyebrow pencils etc.

Eyeko Tinted Cream £4.99 (RRP £8.95)
I also picked up some make up bargains like Eyeko's Limited Edition Tinted Cream for nearly half price!
It says it can be used as a moisturiser, eye cream or highlighter.
I really like the colour of this and can't wait to try it out. The only thing about it is that whilst swatching I found it dried quickly which may make it difficult to blend.

The skin on my face is very temperamental so I'd be very interested to see if this will break me out.

Eyeko London Lips £4.99 for all three (RRP £6.50 each!)
This was such a huge bargain! I got 3 lipglosses for less than a full priced one!
And I love all three of the colours (they come in a pack so you can't really choose all 3)
The only downside to these lipglosses is that they're sticky. Personally I can't stand them if they're sticky, but the colours are so pretty I think I may make an exception for these!

Studio Basics 4 Piece Mineral Make Up Travel Brush Set £5.99 (RRP £9.99)
These brushes are fabulous!
I don't know if you can tell, but they're so tiny, but such good quality!

I really wasn't expecting much from them because of their price, and plus I'd never heard of the brand before.
But I'm so glad I decided to get them because now all doubts about them have gone!
You can't really see in this photo but the bristles are very densely packed, and are soo soft even before washing.
So far I've used the Bronzer Brush and it's amazing.

Miss a Kit £3
Now this is a bit of a random purshase!
I'm pretty much a sucker for multi-use items as well as products that are handbag sized, so when I saw this I couldn't help myself.
I know it's a bit naff looking, and its baby pink (not really a fan) but at £3 I got it anyway!
It has 15 uses:
Mirror, Flashlight, Scissors, Nail File, Tweezers, Pen, Pill Box, Perfume Bottle, Knife, Ruler, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Sewing Kit, and Key Chain.

Pull-out tweezers & pen stylus
Corkscrew, knife, bottle opener, scissors & nail file/ruler (on the other side)
Mirror, sewing kit, travel size perfume bottle, light, pill box/container

Personal 911 Kit £3 - plasters, nail file, hair band, dental floss, tweezers, sewing kit & double sided
'apparel tape'
Love the idea of this. So many times I've needed a nail file, or a hair band etc. So when I saw this 'emergency' kit I had to get it. 
It's such a handy tin as you can always take out something you wont need and swap it for something you do (I'd swap the apparel tape for safety pins).

Again, it's handbag sized - what more can I say!

3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment Sachets, 99p Each
I'm pretty sure I'm killing my hair as it's in awful condition at the moment! 
I remember I used to always use Aussie's 3 minute miracle back when my hair was lovely and soft, so I thought I'd try it again. I couldn't decide between which one to get so I thought I'd see which sachet works for me.

Charles Worthington Hair Serum £1.89
I don't usually use hair serum as I feel it makes my hair lose any of the volume I'd managed to give it. 
-However, as I said, my hair's started to get in really bad condition, so I need all the help I can get to tame it. 
As before, I was sold by the fact it's handbag sized :/

As hard as I tried, I couldnt stop myself from wandering into the make up section.
I wasn't as bad as I thought, and ended up only buying these (I've been known to come back with more!)

-Famous currently has an offer of 3 for 2 in Superdrug, so I picked up 3 of their lip products. 

Famous Lipstick Shade 4, £4
I love the design of this lipstick, and think it's so pretty. However the lipstick doesn't always 'click' into its lid so sometimes it does come out - though if you take care to make sure its secure then it will stay in place.

Anyway, the important bit! The Colour: I really like this colour (obviously - I chose it!).
It's a nice rose colour, but not too strong. It's very subtle but not sheer, the colour pay-off is very good.
-Too many times I've picked up what looks to be a nice colour, put it on and found it's too sheer/strong. To me this is perfect!
And it's very easy to build up the colour to make it stronger should you wish to go bolder. (or if you like it sheer, apply it with a lip brush to lips that have been coated with lip balm)

£4 each
These are two shades from their Diamond Shimmer collection.
-Personally I'm really not a fan of glittery make up, but these are very subtle and are more of a shimmer.
These would be lovely used alone and over a lipstick to give it that extra kick. I love both of these colours, and will definitely be experimenting with these over different lipstick colours/shades.
Accessorize Lip Gloss in 'Idol', £3
Unfortunately this lipgloss wasn't on offer - I just liked the colour!
They have another lipgloss in the same colour as this, but in a deeper shade. I opted for the lighter one for once as I'm trying to be a bit lighter in my colour choices and experiment a bit more with my lip colours.

And that's it so far! 
I will do more in depth reviews of some of these products (the Tinted Cream, the Brush's and possibly the Hair Treatments) once I've had a chance to test them out properly.



  1. You had a shopping spree!! I'm soo jealous atm loool

  2. I like the emergency tin! What a fabulous idea! Like you, I've lost track of how many times I have gone out and it's rained or been unexpectedly windy so I've needed a hair band!


  3. Oooh the rotary storage thing looks fab!! xxx

  4. Lovely post! Where did you get the Eyeko stuff from? xxx

  5. Thank you!
    The first 6 items are all from tk maxx :)

  6. I know, I'm too much of a sucker for these kind of things!

  7. Haha, same! I've also slipped a few hair grips into the kit.
    I'm too cool :P

  8. Lol, Seriously I've been broke for so long. Felt the need to spend my 1st pay!
    But I tried to be good. Had a basketful of stuff and managed to put a lot of it back.
    I must be maturing..!

  9. Lauren "Ruby" Rose4 August 2011 at 14:38

    I just fell in love with your site. Great post. Now you have new follower and daily reader ♥

  10. What a fun surprise, right?! ;D

    I like the rotary holder, that will be great for your dresser. The Miss A Kit will be nice to always have in your purse and I also love using my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - works amazing!:D

    ***** Marie *****
    $100 Shopbop Gift Card International Giveaway!

  11. I really want to try some of that Eyeko cream!

  12. brushes look awesome :)

  13. Oh I love the Famous lippie :)

  14. Aw thank you so much :) That means a lot xx

  15. Thanks for your comment!
    I do love Aussie's 3 minute miracle, I just cant decide which one to get!
    Very tempted to get both hehe xx

  16. I'll do a proper review on it soon, though I don't think Eyeko stock it on their website any more,
    though I'm sure you'll be able to find one on ebay or amazon if there's none in TK Maxx xx

  17. They're amazing value! 100% recommended :) xx

  18. I know, they're so pretty! xx


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