Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Holy Grail: Foundation

Every Wednesday for the next few weeks I will be doing a series of my Holy Grail beauty products.
These are my must-have products that I couldn't bear to be without.

I thought I'd start off this series with my ultimate Holy Grail: my Foundation.

I absolutely SWEAR by Bella Pierre's Mineral Foundation (Shade: Ivory).

My skin really isn't the best, and I would never even dream of leaving the house without foundation on. I envy those who can!
For years I'd use liquid foundation and concealers, and have tried many different brands, yet my skin always felt suffocated.

A few years ago my friend took me to a Bella Pierre stand to have a make over. I was VERY scepticle - I have red areas from where acne had scarred my skin, and I doubted a powder would ever cover them. But I was amazed that it worked as well as a liquid foundation, yet it didn't feel as heavy.
-I bought some straight away, and within about a week of using it I noticed a big difference in my skin:
Any breakouts I had went away, and whilst using it I had virtually no breakouts at all!

Eventually the price of the product went up and I decided to look else-where for a foundation. I tried other brands of mineral foundation (lily lolo & Bare Essentials) but they weren't the same. I even tried liquid foundation again, and with all of these I noticed I had more and more frequent break-outs.

I have since gone back to Bella Pierre and will never leave them again! Yes £35 is a lot for a foundation, but I definately feel it's worth it! - it lasts absolutely ages.

The dreaded before and after shots:

This is a little embarassing, but you can see how well it neutralises any redness on the skin, and gives it a healthier look.
Note: The foundation in the 'after' photo is only roughly applied to give an idea of its coverage. When worked in a little more it will not look chalky like it does here.


Bellapierre 5-in-1 mineral foundation contains just four natural ingredients; four minerals which are kind and gentle, protective and nurturing for the skin - Mica, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.
• Concealer
• Foundation
• Finishing Powder
• Setting Powder (Veil)


Clearer skin
Covers red skin amazingly
SPF protection
Acts as a concealer
Perfect for all seasons, especially summer
Feels lighter on the skin

How I use it:

1-Tap a small amount into the lid
2-Use a Kabuki or Buffer Brush to pick up the product, and buff onto the skin
3-One you have applied the foundation, now is the stage you'd use it as a concealer (should you wish to): Use a Concealer Brush to apply it to desired areas, such as blemishes, around the nose, under the eyes etc.

I will do a 'Guide to Mineral Foundations' post sometime soon because I feel there are some bad ones out there, but this one is amazing!
For this post I just wanted to share with you THE Holy Grail in my make up collection, and I hope it's helped give another option to anyone who's still looking for their 'perfect' foundation.



  1. It does such a good job on your skin! Don't think I'd pay £35 though no matter how good it was, I'm such a cheapskate hah x

  2. That's how I felt, but once I had tried it I found nothing else compared, and so I went back to it.
    And it does last ages.
    I felt the benefits it gave me did make up for the price :) x


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