Friday, 12 August 2011

Sleeks Pout Paints

Superdrug currently have an offer on the new Sleek Pout Paints selling them at 3for2, so I took advantage of this offer to try out 3 of them for myself!

'Peek-a-bloo', 'Mauve Over' & 'Minx'

A Mixture of 'Peek-a-bloo' & 'Mauve Over'

What Sleek Says: "Apply the tiniest drop of pout paint to your lip brush for complete coverage. Can be used alone or mixed with other shades within the range.
FYI, a little goes a very long way!"

Mixing Palette
All 3 Colours Gradually Blended

Pout Paint Blends:
Minx - Peek-a-bloo

Peek-a-bloo - Mauve Over
Peek-a-bloo-------------------------------------50/50------------------------------Mauve Over

Mauve Over - Minx
Mauve Over ---------------------------------------50/50-------------------------------------Minx

I've never tried another product like this before, but I'm really impressed. 
These Pout Paints have amazing colour pay-off, and I love how they can be combined to create different shades/colours.

From 3 colours I managed to get 12 different outcomes. They have a total of 11 shades to choose from, so the possibilities are huge!

You can apply them straight to the lip for a strong colour, or for the colour-shy you can 'water it down' by using a lip balm (I suggest Lush's Ultrabalm) before-hand and applying a thin layer of the paint on top.
-And a little really does go a long way!

Tip: For whiter looking teeth it is recommended you use lipsticks with a blue undertone, so the 'Peek-a-bloo' is a must buy as you can add just the tiniest amount to any lip paint or even your favourite lipstick, and there you have it - whiter looking teeth! 

I am in love with these paints, and will be going back to superdrug asap before the offer ends! :)



  1. I adore the colour you achieved by mixing Mauve over with Peeka-bloo, especially if it gives you whiter looking teeth! I have heard a lot about these, but not really looked into them before! Now I am very tempted by them because of this post. If I buy a couple I will mention your post to the company and say that your post inspired me to purchase their product!!


  2. Aw thats really sweet of you, thank you.
    I'd love to hear your take on them!

    My fave the 75% Mink 25% Peek-a-bloo mix as it's a nice earie grey which I'd love to use for halloween (a bit ahead of myself lol)
    -though of course I wouldn't wear that mix normally ;)

  3. I swatched Minx today and it looks gorgeous! Love all the mixing you have done :) xxx

  4. Fab post! Definitely going to get some of these xx

  5. Hi hun,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog sale, yes tisdueweight eyeshadow is still available. Would you please be able to send payment tntough paypal as a gift please to and leave your address as a note.

    Thank you so much, gorgeous blog!


  6. Thank you! :)
    I already want more!
    Would love to see your take on them if you do get them xxx

  7. Thank you, I do love minx. It's such a nice everyday colour! xxx

  8. Wow these look amazing, there's even blue!


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