Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Smoky EOTD using MUAs Glamour Days Palette

You may have seen my recent post where I wrote about an MUA haul. I purchased both the Glamour Days and the Glamour Nights palettes, and promised to do a few looks using these. 

I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a smoky eye look using the Glamour Days palette:

The Palette

Aside from the 2 blue eyeshadows, I really like this palette. I love the nudes mixed in with the pinks/purples. 

The plum (top row, 3rd from the left) and the pink (bottom row, 2nd from the left) have to be my favourites from the palette, so I thought this first look should be based around these two colours.

The Look
1 - To begin with I used the light eyeshadow (top left of the palette) as a highlight.
-I then covered my eyelid with the light pink/peach eyeshadow (top row, 3rd from the right).
-Using a pencil brush, I used the pink (bottom row, 2nd from the left) to line my lower lash-line.

2 -Using the plum eyeshadow (top row, third from the left), I shaded from where the pink eyeshadow finished, and brought it along the crease to contour the eye.

3 -using the taupe/brown eyeshadow (bottom row, 2nd from the right), and used it in the same way as the plum, to add more depth to the look.

4 -Using the matte dark brown (bottom row, 3rd from the right), I lightly applied the eyeshadow to the outer corner of my eye (as shown above), and used a blending brush to blend it out around the crease (as shown below).


5 - I applied a brown liquid eyeliner to both my upper and lower lash-line to create a winged look.
6 -I then used a dark brown kohl eyeliner to line my waterline (shown below)

7 -All that's left to do is to curl the lashes and apply mascara. Then the look is complete!

The Finished Look

I hope you liked this look and tutorial. I personally really like it, and have worn it a few times to university and on a night out. I know you'd probably think it's a bit too much as a day look, but if you apply these a bit lighter it does work. Personally I love wearing eyeshadow in this way even during the day. With this look I'd recommend wearing a muted lip colour, and a lightly applied peach/nude pink blush .

There's definitely more looks you can achieve with this palette, and I plan to do more using this one soon. Though first I think I'll post one using the Glamour Nights palette.

Thoughts on the Palette

I love the way these colours apply. They're very pigmented, and I haven't experienced any fallout from them. 
MUAs palettes are excellent value for money. The texture of these shadows are lovely, and have an almost buttery texture. They're quite similar in texture to Sleeks eyeshadows, though not as messy.

And I love that MUA don't test on animals. 
-You can probably see from my increase in 'DIY beauty' posts that I'm a bit more conscious when it comes to products I use. And whilst I cant say their ingredients are that great for you, at least your conscience can be clear. 

Though one thing I don't like is that they use palm oil in their ingredients. Its not bad for you, but it is for the rainforests, and usually I try to avoid products that contain this ingredient. Aside from that, I can't find fault in these palettes!

What are your thoughts on MUAs palettes? I'd love to hear recommendations.

Let me know if there's a particular colour in this palette you'd like me to use in a future eye look.
I mentioned before I have a slight hatred towards blue shadows, but I'm up for the challenge if you'd like to see a look using them!



  1. That looks so lovely on you, I love all MUA palettes:) xx

  2. Aw thank you. I really want the pastels palette next. Ive decided I must own them all! Hehe xx


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