Thursday 28 April 2011

Trip to Bath

I'm up in Bath for a quick visit to see my sister who's living up there for her university.
We've just got back from my last full day here. 
Yesterday she took me around all of the shops for a mini shopping spree. Bath is such a beautiful city, especially when the sun is out (most of my photo's seem to miss the sun, I don't know what happened there :/).

It's my birthday on Saturday so she offered to take me into the Lush store to pick out presents :)
The Lush store in Bath is amazing. Its bigger than I thought it would be and the staff were so helpful.

I asked them advice on what products worked best on what skin type etc, and if I wasn't sure then they quickly made me up a free sample to try in my own time. But the amazing thing about it was they weren't pushy either. Lush is definitely a unique shopping experience! It makes a nice change to overly pushy/miserable people I'm so used to being served by in most other high street shops.

My sister bought me a couple of lovely things, and I picked up a few things for my OH who's birthday is 2 days after mine.

I have to admit....Lush has seriously got to me and I instantly became an addict. I shamefully went back there again today to buy MORE things for myself. And they remembered me which was nice. Though it's probably just as well I don't live in Bath as they'd soon be sick of the sight of me (I know if I could I'd be back again tomorrow! Haha).

I've decided I'm going to keep them all untouched until my birthday (yes, even the ones that are technically gifts from myself, I know thats really sad). And so I've decided not to reveal the haul until I get to see them all again! :)

Today we decided to make it a touristy day (plus Lush trip), so my sister took me to see the Roman Baths:

My Favourite Photo: Throw a coin into the pool to please the God's and make a wish.
I think it's so beautiful.
Next time I visit I want to go to the modern working baths for a day of pampering...and Lush :/

We then went to the Fashion Museum:
Wedding Exhibition
Helmut Lang
I dont know what I was expecting from the Fashion Museum, but I've been to the V&A museum and was expecting it to be better seeing as its a museum specialising in fashion. I liked that there was a room with examples of undergarments (corsets, crinolines etc) that you could physically hold and try on. But aside from that it was pretty much the same. Though I guess it depends on what exhibition was on, as I wasn't overly keep on looking at wedding dresses.

We ended the day with food by the river, and now I'm pooped! But its been lovely spending time with my sister, and will be very sad not to see her on my birthday. Would recommend Bath to anyone as it such a beautiful city to visit.


Sunday 24 April 2011

LUSH Campaign Against Animal Cruelty

On LUSH's website there is a new article they've put up about new threats to an animal cruelty-free world. 
With 10 years in total being fought HAD resulted in promises from the EU to prevent ALL animal testing on cosmetics and the ingredients used in cosmetics by March 2013. 
HOWEVER it looks like the EU decision-makers are looking to get ANOTHER 10 years extension, which in my opinion (and obviously LUSH's) is unacceptable. 

To help to make sure the ban is upheld and enforced, LUSH are asking for our help. On their website they have put up links to find out who your local MEP's are and how to contact them. They have even gone that extra mile and written their own letter for you to send to them if (like I was) you're a little stuck for words. Heres a link to the article on their website: Lush Article

Non-UK residents can also help by signing the following petition:

@ Beauty Not Just Skin Deep.