Friday 11 November 2011

Wahanda Treatment Review

This is my first post after a rather busy month of not writing, and I'm glad to finally be back!
I didn't mean to be away for so long, but 2 weeks of working every single day meant I was too drained to post. Then I got ill and DEFINITELY wasn't up to writing (I wouldn't have made much sense any way).
But I'm happy to say I'm better now, and won't be stopping again any time soon!

I thought I'd start my posts with a catch-up by reviewing a mini spa day I went on via Wahanda.

Last year for mine and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary I purchased a 1 hour dermalogica Swedish massage plus full use of the gym, sauna and steam room facilities. Through Wahanda this cost just £20 each, and the voucher was valid for a year. Though stupidly we left it right to the last minute to book it, we were lucky enough to get an appointment for October 1st.

The Park Plaza Victoria Therapy Suite was about a 5 minute walk from Victoria Station, and the suite was on the bottom floor of the hotel.

Above are a few shoddy photos of the inside, on the left is part of the gym (the main area you walk into), and the middle and right photo's are of inside the changing room. The photo's don't do the place justice as it was difficult to take them when no one was around.

In the photo of the gym you can just about see me reflected in the mirror - behind me is where the sauna, steam room and changing rooms are, and the therapy rooms are to the left of the mirror.

I went for my massage first while my boyfriend worked out, and then we changed over once mine was done.
Once he was out we relaxed in the steam room and sauna.

This is us after we left, looking and feeling a bit more relaxed.

Overall it was a really lovely day. The massage was amazing, and the masseuse was lovely. Though I would recommend arriving early so you can use the gym BEFORE your massage, or you'll end up undoing all the work the massage did, and end up tense again like me! :/
The suite as a whole is small, BUT it has a lot packed into it, and you definitely wouldn't leave feeling it lacked anything.
The sauna was lovely, but personally I find steam rooms very claustrophobic so I didn't stay in there for long - I don't think I even lasted a minute!

I would definitely recommend both Wahanda and the Park Plaza Victoria Therapy Suite, and would 100% go back sometime in the future. Though getting to London takes about an hour for me, so it would be a rare treat, rather than a regular indulgence.

Have you used a deal through Wahanda/Groupon before?
Would love to hear your recommended bargains!

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