Sunday 3 November 2013

Shopping Basket #1

1 Navy Coat | 2 Peonie Lights | 3 Paisley Scarf
4 Ipad Cover | 5 Stag Wall Decal | 6 Grey Bag

I'm sure I'm not alone, but I am not great at controlling myself when it comes to impulse buys. I tend to see something I like and try to justify the purchase with excuses like 'I can afford it', 'it's just this one thing', 'I'll use/wear it all the time', but then its just sits collecting dust.

So I figured I would start writing posts filled with everything I'm currently eyeing up. I'm hoping that doing this will help to curb impulse buys, and instead inspire future purchases that are actually worth while investments, rather than just wasting money.

The idea is that I can look over this posts and see if my thoughts have changed, or whether I can piece together great items I actually want. As Christmas isn't too far away either I'm hoping this will also help with gift ideas!

What products have you been lusting after?

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