Friday, 3 August 2012

Denim Dreams

Dress: H&M | Belt: Primark | Flipflops: Primark 

Ugh, even the cat is better at posing than me! She seems to be worming her way into all of my OOTDs lately... 
I've had this dress for a while, but hadn't had a chance to wear it. I'm trying to get as much wear out of all my 'summery' clothes before the rain comes back.
I bought this dress in H&M, and I love it! It's ruched in the middle, and has a denim drawstring at the waist so you can tighten it and tie it up. I wanted an extra bit of detail at the waist though, and as I have an unhealthy obsession with waist belts I decided to try this flower belt. I thought it looked good in the mirror, but I'm not too sure about it now I've seen the photo's. I'll let you guys decide!

Speaking of waist belts, I am soo happy to see they're going to be a big thing again for Autumn/Winter! I am a serious waist belt freak, so this kind of makes me less sad about the thought of summer ending soon (though, lets be honest, it never really started). Basically anything to do with cinched waists I LOVE. The 'oversized' trend is going to be back again too, which I'm not so thrilled about. Mainly because I'm a big fan of feminine curves, but also because it is the most unflattering style on me. I think I need a bigger head to pull it off, sadly I've been cursed with a tiny one! 

Are there any A/W trends you're looking forwards to?



  1. I think the belt looks great, your cat is funny getting in on the action :)

  2. Thank you :) Haha I know! Cheeky cat trying to take over my OOTDs! xx


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