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Guest Post: Break-Out Mask Review* by Cityscape Bliss

Today is a guest post from Tereza, who's blog you may have heard of: Cityscape Bliss. I've been following her blog for a while now, and I absolutely love her photography and style of writing. The way she writes really lets her personality shine through, yet it's still informative and I think that's really refreshing, yet hard to do. I still worry that my personality doesn't fully come across on here, yet she seems to make it look effortless!

You may have seen the review I posted a few days ago on Montagne Jeunesse's Skin Heroes masks. A few of the masks had ingredients derived from milk, and as I'm allergic to milk there were some I couldn't use on my face. As I loved the blemish face mask from their original range, I wanted this mask to be reviewed properly to see if it lived up to its counter-part, so I asked Tereza if she would like to review it for a guest post on here, and as you can see she said yes. So here's what she thought of the Break-Out mask:
Stop The Spot!

You're probably gonna be surprised, but I’ve never used Montagne Jeunesse face mask before (or at least I was convinced that I haven’t). I have to admit that the packaging is definitely eye-catching, but I never really bothered investigating. I’ve been using Chanetelle masks instead, because they come in a double packaging and are a few p’s cheaper. Oh wait. What? Chantelle is made by Montagne Jeunesse?!! Yeh, I’ve been in love with Chantelle masks for maybe 2 years and never knew they were the same thing! Now imagine the excitement when Carrie asked me to help her with review of one of the ‘actual’ Montagne Jeunesse masks! Big yay! The one I tried is the Break-Out Mask for problem skin, which is prone to spots.
My skin is not exactly acne or spot-prone. About 7 years ago I had a bad allergic reaction which turned my skin into right mess and brought up some serious acne trouble. Over years I managed to get rid of it (with some annoying scars left behind) and was left with rather dry skin with a spot or two every now and then. Well, that was until three weeks ago. Three weeks ago I brought a little ball of fluff (in normal people’s language a kitten), which although the cutest and sweetest thing in the world, does have a thing for my chin and jaw line. And by a thing I mean it keeps biting it, slapping it with paws or just casually dribbling on it. That means nothing else than the perfect environment for spots and pimples. Yay! This mask came just in time to save me!

This break-out mask is a 2 step mask – first you use the mask & then the moisturiser. As you can see from the picture above, the mask has a lovely creamy consistency and goes on like butter! My skin felt immediately refreshed and I even felt a slight ‘tingling’ in my cheeks (guess it may have been the tea tree tickling my pores? haha!). After 20 minutes, the mask dried and went all stiff, so I washed it off with a muslin cloth (it was quite a hard work so I suggest you do it in a shower!) and applied the enclosed moisturiser, which felt thick and greasy but very nourishing on my skin. The next morning I woke up to incredibly soft skin and reduced spots! To illustrate how good it worked – you know the painful under-skin spots that you can’t see but they give you almost a migraine? So these were gone! Just like that! Gone! Wooohooo! Basically what it did, or what it seemed it did, is that it penetrated under my skin and dried out the little monsters leaving my skin with bits of dry skin but definitely no pain or obvious spots. I honestly cannot believe how good this mask is!

You can get this mask off the Montagne Jeunesse website here for £1.49 which is an absolute bargain for what it does! If you suffer from painful spots or that-time-of-the-month breakouts, you should definitely give this a go!

Thank you Tereza for a great review!
It's a shame I can't try this mask as it sounds like something I could definitely do with right now.

Make sure you check out Tereza's blog here: Cityscape Bliss



  1. I love her blog too ;) But I also love yours hon! I've loved it for a while now :) I just bought some of these masks, I can't wait to use them! xo

  2. Aw thank you :) Same goes for you! Missed your posts while you were away travelling.
    I hope you like the masks - Not that you need them though, always been jealous of your skin! xx


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