Monday, 6 August 2012

Fashion Haul

Last week I had money for the first time in I don't know how long, so I went into town with the sole purpose of buying some tops and jeans/trousers as I'm seriously lacking them in my wardrobe. 
Annoyingly I was a big failure, and came back with jackets and dresses! For years I've failed to buy a jacket with a hood, and when I got home I realised I had again bought hood-less jackets. So I pretty much suck!

But I'm still really happy with my purchases, and as hauls are such a rare thing for me at them moment, I thought I'd share this one with you. I figured I'd start buying for autumn/winter, but I'd say they're also pretty much wearable now:


Although I do have a leather jacket, it used to be my sisters but she gave it to me as it doesnt really fit her any more. It's a little big for me, and probably not the best style of jacket for my shape. This one fit me perfectly, and I figured £30 was a bargain as most retail at around £50+.

I love the quilting detail at the shoulders, and the belt at the bottom. I think I'm going to stud the hand-me-down one, so I'll get some wear out of both of them still.

H&M | Tan Imitation Suede Jacket: £29.99 

This jacket I saw a girl wearing at uni, and I asked her where it was from as I thought it looked amazing on her, and she said she got it from H&M a few years ago. I was so happy when I walked into the shop and saw they'd brought it back! I'm assuming there are some changes to the cut and detailing of it since then, but I still love it and had to buy it! Not convinced it suits my skin tone, but I could always whack on a bit fake tan. The cut and style of this fits my shape at least, plus it gives the illusion that I have a chest, so I'm definitely not complaining!
Topshop | Blue/Purple Skater Dress: £20 

This dress looks more purple in real life, but it photographed blue. Also on their website its listed as both blue and purple so it's obviously having a bit of an identity crisis.
I've had a £20 gift voucher for topshop since my birthday in April, and its been burning a hole in my pocket ever since, but I just haven't seen anything I liked. I did think maybe I should buy some jewellery, but all they seem to sell is gold, and I dont like to wear gold jewellery. I really don't know why, I like it on others, I'm just a freak I guess!

Any way, I saw this dress, and as I love purple (a colour I'm excited to see is going to be a big trend for A/W) and find skater styles are quite flattering, I figured I'd get it. The fact that it was exactly £20 helped convince me too! But I can pretty much bet that now I've spent that voucher, Topshop are going to start selling things I actually like.

New Look
New Look | Black Mesh Insert Dress: £22.99

Finally, the last shop I went to was New Look. I had plans to go out at the weekend, so went to look for a dress to wear for it. I finally caved in to the whole 'black bodycon mesh instert dress' look, and I actually quite liked it on. Its not that I don't like the style, it's just I didn't think it would suit me.

I'll admit I mostly like this dress because it has princess seams (if you don't know what they are, you can kind of see in the close up that the seam comes from the armpit, over the bust, and then straight down), and I personally think they're the most flattering kind of seams on anyone. I also love the bold zip at the back of the dress. I'm sure not everyone likes visible zips, but I'm a bit of a sucker for them at the moment.

New Look | Coral Cross-Body Bag: £12.99

Lastly I got this coral bag to go with the black dress. My boyfriend hates it when I wear black, so I thought I'd try and bring some kind of colour into the outfit. I do like this bag, but it really doesn't fit a lot in it, and the magnetic clasp it a bit dodgy so you really can't get away with trying to over stuff it. If you can get away with bringing only the barest essentials, then I'd recommend it. Though I'm used to carrying small bags and not carrying a lot, and I still struggled a bit with this and ended up having to leave my phone at home.

So that's my entire haul. It's not as impressive as some peoples, but I'm broke and definitely probably spent more than I should have!
Have you started shopping for autumn, or are you just trying not to think about it?



  1. That H&M black leather jacket is lovely!
    Been looking for one for ages so might have to pop into town soon! :)

  2. I wish they had the second jacket in black. I really love the design!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. I know, it's amazing. It looks so nice in blue too, just a shame it's not in black xx

  4. Same! I'm quite fussy with leather jackets, but this one is so nice and such a bargain :) xx

  5. that black leather jacket is so edgy and hot! i have to get one. cute blog girl :)

  6. i LOVE the jackets from h&m... how do u stud tho? ive been looking into it but it looks complicated or have i looked at the wrong thing?! xxx

  7. Gorgeous purchases! I especially love the black leather jacket. Soooo jealous that you have H&M and TopShop haha I have to travel across two states for TopShop and overseas for H&M lol!

  8. danielle_almond7 August 2012 at 22:38

    I love those flippy tunics from Topshop. Waiting for it to come out in different colours!

  9. I love both jackets, if only they were not real leather and suede!

  10. Ooh, I completely forgot to mention they're both imitation leather and suede! I'll make sure I add that to the post now :) xx

  11. I know, they're so flattering! I'm sure I saw it in black and white in store too. Would love to see it in a teal though! xx

  12. I'm surprised you don't have H&M over there! But at least you have gorgeous weather there! I wouldn't be surprised if your winter has been so much better than our summer! xx

  13. I haven't really tried it to be honest, so I'm just going to wing it haha! Not touching my new jackets with the studs though, just my old tatty one to try and jazz it up a bit. For leather you might need to use proper leather studs and a hammer. I'll probably be doing that at the end of the month, and will most likely write a post on it if all goes well! xx

  14. Aw thank you :) You definitely should! I love it. Though to be honest I think both would look great on you :) xx


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