Friday, 10 August 2012

Run Through The Jungle

Denim Tie-Up Jacket: OASAP | Purple Animal Print Maxi: Primark | Skull Necklace: JewelRhi

I've wanted a denim jacket/shirt for a while now, and ordered one a while back but it's just too big for me, and gets quite hot (not great when I'd been planning to wear it on warm summer days). So I've been on the hunt for a better one ever since. I came across this one in OASAP and ordered it straight away. It was £18.20, which is so much cheaper than the other one I wasted money on. Plus it's nice and thin, like a denim shirt, so it's perfect to wear if you want to cover up, but keep cool at the same time.

I decided to wear the jacket on top of my favourite maxi dress to make a more colourful outfit than I would usually wear (you may have guessed by now that black is my go-to colour!). I got this dress a couple of years ago from Primark, and I'm really hoping they bring it back again at some point - I'll be so upset when this one starts to fall apart! The necklace I'm wearing is from JewelRhi, a cute online jewellery shop run by Rhi from The Other Side of Cool. I bought this a while ago, and I love it! Its so cute and delicate, despite the fact that it's a necklace full of skulls!

So that's today's outfit!
I decided to try a little bouffant thing with my hair today, but not quite sure what I think of it. At least it makes a nice change to my usual boring hair style, just need to find a way to make it bigger!



  1. Very lovely outfit and I really want your necklace! Super xox

  2. Aw thank you :)
    I know, the necklace is so cute! I love it xx


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