Sunday 26 April 2015

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take

I don't really know where to begin with this post, so I guess I'd better just start with the big news - I'm moving to Dublin!

So much is changing, and it's both scary and exciting! I'm moving to a new country for a new job, and I'll be moving in with my boyfriend for the first time after never living away from home - it's a massive change! But I've been craving a change for a long time now and, after being with my partner for 6+ years, the timing of it just really feels right.

After spending nearly 3 years away from fashion after graduating, I'll finally be working within the industry again - which I can't wait for! Everything about fashion excites me, so it feels like the missing piece of the puzzle to go back into it again.

What's more is, since my partner moved to Dublin in January, I've got to see what the city is like, and I've yet to find anything about it that I dislike about it! It's such a friendly and lively city, but at the same time it doesn't feel claustrophobic or over crowded. And, as you can see from my last post here, even though you're in a city it's still so easy to get back to nature. I really can't wait to move here.

I'm still in a state of both excitement and panic, with less than 2 weeks to go now before I move (I fly out on the 7th of May!) so bear with me! Initially I'll just be going over with hand luggage - crazy I know, especially as I'm the kind of person that will pack about 5 bags for a weekend away! But I've been doing as much as I can to clear through all of my belongings, and really be brutal at getting rid of things I don't need. And this way I make sure I only ever take with me what I need.

So now the countdown to this big new chapter in my life begins - 11 days to go! 



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