Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ELF Haul & Swatches

Over the weekend, e.l.f cosmetics held a money off event where they offered half price on all their essential eye products on orders over £10.
On friday I took full advantage of this offer and ordered 14 pf their products. My order was very speedy and arrived today!

Everything featured here usually retails at only £1.50! During this offer I got them for a mere 75p each!
Here is a glimpse of my delivery:
Note: all items have been swatched WITHOUT the use of primer so you get a better idea of how they really look.

I ordered 7 of their Custom Eyes eyeshadows, pictured and swatched below:

Wisteria, Periwinkle, Dusk, Mocha, Moondust, Pink Ice & Truly Pink
The Custom Eyes eyeshadows sit perfectly in my MAC palette
alongside a previously lonely shadow

I also ordered 4 of their All Over Colour Stick's, pictured and swatched below:

Finally I ordered 2 of their eyeshadow duo's, and one of their cream eyeshadow duos, shown below:

Custom Eyes:

Pro's: I love the colour payoff with these shadows, they're quite light but can all be built up easily and the colours are perfect to work within my regularly used eyeshadow colours. I can't wait to do an eye look with these. I've been itching to do an eye look on here!
Also, I love the fact that they fit perfectly within my MAC palette.

Con's: My only criticism is I wish there was more of a range of colours as there are only 3 more I need to get before I have e.l.f's entire Custom Eyes collection!

Other than that, if you CAN see a colour that appeals to you, I definitely recommend these.

All Over Colour Stick's:

Pro's: I actually really love these! My favourite colour has to be Lilac Petal, but I really like all of them. Toastie looks like it would be waay to dark for me, BUT I'm sure I can find a way to use this. I would probably just use it as cream eyeshadow. I love the colours they all give off, really looking forwards to properly working with these :)

Con's: I can't work out if this is a bad thing, but to me they kind of smell like water colour paints. I'm very arty, so to me this is a nice smell, but others may not like it so I've put this in the con's.

Again (if you like cream blush's etc) I would recommend these!

Eyeshadow Duo's:

Pro's: Again, I like the colour pay-off, and my favourite is Berry Mix, particularly the darker berry colour. The colours look more distinctive in real life than in the photo.

Con's: Again, I'd say  not enough colour range, there was only a choice between 6, and the colour choices are all very simiar to eachother.

Cream Eyeshadow Duo:

I'm really disappointed with the colour pay-off of this one. As you can see it barely shows up on my skin, even when I attempted to build the colours up. You can just about see the pinky colour, but the beige/yellow one just looks like a faint smear of dirt :/

Not so impressed with this one, though will have a play around with it to see if I can get it to show up. The skin tone around my eyes will be slightly different to the skin on my arm where I swatched it, so hopefully I'll have more luck there.

Overall: I am SO happy with my purchases. It was my first time shopping at Eyes Lips Face, and will definitely be going back! I just hope they expand their Custom Eyes range so I have lots more to choose from on my next purchase!



  1. I've been debating wether to get the cream eye shadows for a while. Thanks for the review :) x

  2. 30SomethingMel14 July 2011 at 19:07

    Huge ELF fan. Have many of the shadows you picked but not tried the All Over Cover sticks. I think I'll be adding them to my next order. I think their studio brushes are great value for money. Have a few now and love them!

  3. Wow! I kept meaning to order when the 50% offer was on but never got round to it. I Really regret it now!

    I'm a new follower & love your blog!
    Jade By The Sea

  4. Amanda Anthony18 July 2011 at 18:26

    hey hey...

    I've awarded you as one of my fav...



  5. Thank you :)
    I can't comment on the other colours, but so far am not impressed with this one x

  6. I love the all over cover sticks, hoping to get more soon.
    I'll check out their brushes while I'm at it, thanks for the tip! x

  7. Aw thank you so much.
    Love your blog too btw :)
    Yeah I wish I'd taken more advantage of the offer and got more!

  8. Thank you so much for the nomination :)

  9. ELF is a good brand, this post reminds me to check out my local target for some new ELF products.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    $100 Shopbop Gift Card International Giveaway!

  10. Ah I'm so jealous you don't have to go online to buy ELF products! Glad it reminded you ;) xx


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