Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I've been away from blogging for a couple of weeks, and so as my first post back I thought I'd share with you all the things I've been up to!

Teds Band
Me and my boyfriend with The Blanks!!
Please excuse my pastiness and bad hair lol

If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen me tweeting about going to see The Blanks (Ted's Band from Scrubs) with my boyfriend on the 21st June.
It was so surreal seeing them in real life, and they were seriously AMAZING!!
They were so funny, and incredible performers. And I cant believe I got to stand next to Sam (Ted)!
I stood there like a bumbling idiot though, I had NO clue what to say lol.

2 days later me, my boyfriend and 14 other people flew off to Cyprus!

There are more photos, but I've ruined a lot of them (I really hate photos :/)

Usual Day:
The girls got up early to relax by the pool, the guys slept most of the day away! lol

There were a few buggy rides, and trips to the beach. Often during the night some of the girls would lose the room key and have to spend the night by the pool lol.

Usual Night:
Pre-drinks in one of the rooms, then off the the bar strip in Ayia Napa.

Me (far left) and most of the girls
Me and a friend sat waiting in the tattoo parlor
This was my first ever group holiday, and has ended up being the most alcohol I have ever consumed in my life.
I had an amazing time, but I'm pretty much put off alcohol forever! Haha, no lie.

Me (far left) and another friend out for lunch

Number of paid-for bar crawls: 1
Number of tattoo'd bums: 2 (not me haha! tattoos were as a result of losing at games)
Number of 'dougies': Too many, worst 'dance' craze ever! (if I can do it, it's really not a great dance)

Photo of all us girls on the 'Party Hard' bar crawl
Minus the 10 guys

I never got to drive a Quad Bike (or a buggy-I was the passenger though)
I never got to see the Sea Caves
I never got to Sea Kayak

Next time I go to Cyprus I plan to make sure none of those 'regrets' remain :)

Note: I haven't included photos of everyone on here, or names of those in photos for privacy reasons ;)


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