Saturday, 28 July 2012

Blink & Go Mascara Review

I got this a few months ago in a Glossybox back when I was subscribed, and the reason I haven't reviewed this sooner is because quite frankly I was dreading putting this back on my lashes.
-You can pretty much guess how this review is going to go, cant you?

There were so many rave reviews about this mascara, so I was really happy to find this in my box. When I saw the brush I was a little disappointed, as I tend to prefer large curved brushes, but I figured that wouldn't necessarily ruin the mascaras performance. And I was right. It's the formula that's awful.

The Mascara

I curled my lashes beforehand like I usually do, and applied the mascara, and it just glued my lashes together into clumps, and left tiny blobs of mascara on the lashes too. Lovely. The formula is quite heavy so it tends to undo the curl a bit, so if you're like me and tend to re-curl once the mascara has dried, you'll find this mascara gets worse if you try. Re-curling my lashes seemed to press the the clumped lashes to form wide, flat, matted lashes. So if your lashes are hard to curl, I'd avoid this at all costs!

Just to give you a better idea of how badly this mascara clumps, below is a photo of me with Blink & Go on one eye, and another mascara I actually like on the other. I'll let you guess which one is which:

How awful do my lashes on the right look?! It just makes me look like I have chunks of eyelashes missing.
Plus it's so heavy that its pushing my lashes down, so my other eye look much more awake.
I dont know about you, but I dont particularly like my eyelashes to clump together to form 3 thick lashes. Of course I would love thick lashes, but I also want them to be separated and to look like actual eyelashes, not spider legs.

On top of that, this mascara is so difficult to wash off. I'd recommend saturating a cotton pad in olive oil to remove it, and even then it wont be easy. Hence why I really didn't want to touch this mascara again. I've got quite difficult lashes I'm not going to lie, they are so difficult to curl, so I understand that there are a lot of mascaras out there that just wont work on my lashes. That's fine. However, this is the only mascara that has made my eyelashes look worse than before I started!

Would I recommend this? No. Unless you like your lashes to be stuck together in a big gloopy mess, in which case look no further!

Apologies for the rant, it's just that it's rare for me to come across a product that I hate (don't get me wrong, there are plenty that I dislike). There are so many rave reviews about it too, and I really cannot understand why.

I'd love to know if there's a hyped up product that you just cannot stand?



  1. I loved this mascara when i first got it, thought it was amazing but the more i used it the more i didnt like it, i agree with you completely the formula of it is terrible. Such a shame!
    Natalie xx

  2. I hate mascara that does this, what a disappointment! I find i rely a lot on false lashes, i have yet to find a mascara that amazes me! xx

  3. Kathleen Stelmacker29 July 2012 at 05:36

    ugh that sucks!! I hate crappy mascara it is so annoying to take off!!

  4. Same! I wouldn't mind so much if it performed well, but it really doesn't on me :/ xx

  5. I always use false lashes for nights out. I know what you mean, and literally every time I DO find a great mascara, it gets discontinued. I'm determined to find one though! xx

  6. Tell me about it! I envy those people who got on well with this mascara, but it was such a big let down for me sadly xx

  7. I actually really like this mascara although once it's dried you can't keep layering it on, but when it's applied super quick it's amazzzinnggg. Although because it's waterproof it dries my eyes out something rotten.

  8. The annoying thing is my lashes are dead straight, and this mascara really weighs them back down after I've curled them. You definitely can't re-curl or reapply this mascara, hence why I hate it so much lol. Glad you get on with it though! xx


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