Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Priti NYC Soy Polish Remover Review

As I'm learning more about skincare, and about skin in general, I'm becoming more aware of what I put onto it. I recently purchased this soy nail polish remover from Cutecosmetics, who specialise in selling eco, organic and cruelty free cosmetics. When I saw they were selling this I was really intrigued about whether this would even work, so I went ahead and bought it. It retails at £8.95, so that would have been a huge waste of money if this didn't work. 

I'm happy to say it actually works, and probably even better than normal nail polish removers. My nails weren't left feeling dry after, which they usually do when I take off my nail polish. The great thing about this one is that it is "100% biodegradable, non carcinogenic, non-toxic, and contains no petroleum ingredients." I think that that's pretty impressive for a nail polish remover, especially as usually the smell alone is pretty awful, yet this has even managed to avoid that! As smells go, I have to admit this isn't the greatest, but it's a huge improvement on standard nail polish removers. 

Natural Soybean Esters, Biodegradable Dibasic Esters, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil.
Scent: 4/5
I wouldn't say it's my cup of tea in terms of how it smells, but compared to standard nail polish removers, this one is a lot better in comparison as the smell isn't as strong, and personally I much prefer this to the usual polish removers.
Effectiveness: 5/5 
I was sceptical about whether this would even work, but it actually works just as well as other nail polish removers, if not better. And you don't need as much of this as you would with others, I guess that's why the bottle is as small as it is!
Added bonuses: 
Cruelty-free, Suitable for Vegans, Non-Toxic, Non Carcinogenic, 100% Biodegradable, Petroleum-free, Non-drying.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Overall I'd say this was worth the money as it lasts a while, and it's a lot better for you. If you're conscious about what you put on your skin then this is definitely for you! You can purchase this nail polish remover here. Priti NYC even have a range of non-toxic nail polishes too, which you can also find on Cutecosmetics' website here.



  1. I shall have to give this a try, I am currently still using Eden Natural Remover but I would be interested to compare the two

  2. Oooh, I tried an organic nail polish remover once and thought it was great! (it melted my camera shutter button a bit lol) They are just so expensive! O.o xx

  3. Ooh I just saw the review on your blog! Yeah that would be really interesting to see, especially as there's such a big size difference between the two bottles xx

  4. Yeah they are, that's the only downside. But then the fact you're not putting all these harsh chemicals onto your skin kind of makes up for it. I think I would by this again. I can't believe you melted your camera with it though haha your poor camera xx


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