Saturday, 21 July 2012

Shimmering Summer Bracelets + Giveaway CLOSED

I thought I'd finally get round to sharing these bracelets with you! I've owned them for a while now, and absolutely love them. They're beautiful glass beaded 'Shimmering Summer Bracelets', and they are made by my sister to raise money for two ME charities.

"M.E. is a long-term (chronic) fluctuating illness that causes symptoms affecting 
many body systems, more commonly the nervous and immune systems.
Many people with M.E. experience persistent fatigue or pain. However, M.E. is 
characterised by a range of additional symptoms, and of varying degrees. "

My dad was recently diagnosed with it around 8 years ago, and very recently my sister sadly was diagnosed as having it too. There is very little funding into M.E. in this country, and very little is understood about it. 
Like every M.E. sufferer, my sister found it extremely frustrating going from living a very active and sociable lifestyle, to not even having the energy to leave the house most days. So she started making these bracelets as a hobby, then decided to sell them to raise money for charity .

The Bracelets
          Fuchsia | Crystal Clear
          Teal | Rose Pink
          Gold Silk | Mens Bracelet

The bracelets are made up of crackled glass beads, and each contain a genuine fresh water pearl which sits between two sterling silver balls. They sell for £8 each, and £2 from each bracelet is divided equally between two M.E. charities:

She also sells a bracelet for men which is made up of black Indian glass, and contains one sterling silver ball so noone is left out. The bracelets can be purchased here, and delivery is £1 no matter how many are purchased (Shipping is more outside of the UK). 

I own all of them (except the mens bracelet obviously! Though I did buy one for my boyfriend) and I absolutely love them! My favourites are the Crystal Clear (worn here), Rose Pink, and Gold Silk (worn here). I think they're so perfect to wear in the sunshine as the crackled glass catches the light really nicely.
Note: Even though my sister makes them, I paid for them myself and, as always, £2 from each went to charity.

The Giveaway!

To say thanks to everyone who's followed my blog, and to everyone who's been so supportive to both me and my blog lately, I wanted to give one of you the chance to win your very own bracelet.
This is a one off design made especially for this giveaway, and it'll be perfect at catching the light from all the sunshine that's apparently is on its way (finally)!

This giveaway is open worldwide, and £2 will still be split between the two ME charities.
All you have to do is fill out the sections in the rafflecopter below. Two of the sections are mandatory, but the rest are optional, and each completed section counts as 1 entry, so the more you enter, the more chance you have at winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!



  1. The bracelets are a lovely and wonderful that a donation is made to a worthy cause, even though I have entered I shall be making a purchase

  2. I love the real and fuchsia ones, brilliant cause too :-) xxx

  3. angela osborne21 July 2012 at 12:08

    Really nice givaway and such an amzing cause. I love the fuchsia braclet Ax

  4. There gorgeous

  5. I was diagnosed with ME when I was 12 years old. I was quite ill during my teenage years but luckily now I've made a recovery. I do still have days where I am just totally exhausted but nowhere near as bad I used to be. Such a fantastic thing of your sister to do. There definitely needs to be more awareness raised as it's completely misunderstood and often just disregarded as "laziness." All the best to your dad & sister :)

    I love the crystal clear one, I'd wear the men's one too! x

  6. These bracelets are gorgeous and such a lovely idea! I have people in my family with M.E too, it's horrid how people call them 'lazy'


  7. my favorite is Black.
    thx for this giveaway. wish me lucky. ^^
    GFC: Puteri Ratnasari
    twitter @puteriratnasari

  8. I love blues!

  9. I love pink, mint.. ;)

  10. I would love any color, but I prefer the brown

  11. I love the teal, thanks for doing the giveaway for such a good cause. Fingers crossed :)

  12. I love the rose pink!! xoxo

  13. I love Crystal Clear.

  14. I love the TEAL, they would be gorgeous in a vibrant purple too.

  15. Favourite colour in general, and what I would like to see: orange. :)

  16. i lovee and i like

  17. I love the Teal

  18. Wednesday Addams31 July 2012 at 02:24

    I like the Gold Silk one, but men's bracelet looks cool, too.


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