Thursday, 26 July 2012

Updating My Wardrobe

I'm pretty broke right now, so I've been going through my wardrobe and trying to sort through things I want to keep, things I should really get rid of, and things that just need a bit of an update. I found this dress that I'm not particularly fond of, and have only ever worn once. This dress was way too short, and not particularly flattering on either as the waist sat totally in the wrong place. 

I was going to throw it away, then I had an idea. One of the things on my list of things to buy once I get paid is a crop top. I decided to separate the tulip skirt away from the lace part of the dress, and sat in the sunshine and unpicked it all. So now I have my own crop top practically for free, and also ended up with a floral skirt as an added bonus:

I still need to hem the top of the skirt, but aside from that this is pretty much the end result. I'm really looking forwards to building a few outfits with these. I'm so glad I've not only been able to get rid of a dress that was just never going to get worn, but I've added two items of clothing to my wardrobe too. And I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of both of them.

I hope this inspires you to shop your wardrobe for hidden gems, and hopefully end up saving some money too! I'd love to know if you've done anything similar?



  1. Ha, such a good idea! I will have to look into the bag of stuff that I wanna throw away (yeh I just put clothes in a bag and store in a storage room, I dont have the heart to chuck it.. tut tut) and maybe I'll find something reusable hehe x

  2. Haha same! I'm definitely going to start rummaging through all the clothes I don't wear any more and see if I can do anything with those too xx

  3. I own this dress after all these years,I like what you've done to it, I'm not so brave, I'd bugger both pieces up!


  4. lizzie griffin29 July 2012 at 17:24

    OMG Carrie! this is actually a genius idea! Definitely stealing this idea *gets the unpicker out* haha

  5. Haha I was worried I might ruin it, but I figured it was worth the risk as I knew I was never going to wear it as it was (it really didn't fit me well), so I just took it apart! So relieved about how it turned out in the end! xx

  6. Haha thank you! I'd love to know how it goes! If you have a blog I'd love to see the finished result if you post it up there :) xx


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