Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What Happened Next...

Since finishing uni, I've had a bit of a mini break from blogging (amongst other things) just to get my head together, and I'm happy to say I've got the blogging bug again! I thought to get back into the swing of things I'd let you guys know what I've been up to during my break.


You may have seen from previous tweets/posts that all my struggle and hard work paid off at uni, and I passed my degree! My mark isn't really anything to shout about, but I'm so happy I've finally finished! It's been a bit of a struggle with various things going on with my health etc, most recently with my back. But I learnt a lot, and graduated on the 3rd!

Back Injection

Last week I went to hospital to have a steroid injection on my lower back. I had to be put to sleep for it, and woke up with a severe case of Bambi legs after! I seriously couldn't put one leg in front of the other until the next day, it was really annoying haha!
Basically my back had been causing me so much pain which was getting worse, to the point where I could hardly walk or do anything. After an MRI scan I was given two options: a steroid injection which might work, or have an operation to remove the two discs that are causing the problems. Obviously I went for the injection, and so far there is a big difference, though the pain isn't completely gone. I'm really hoping it will last long enough though. We'll see!


Those are the two most notable events that have happened (I'm not going to bore you with everything I've been up to, don't worry!), and these are definitely both two huge milestones for me. Thank you all for your kind words through my uni stress/graduation/injection, and for sticking by my blog - You're all amazing!

Next thing on the agenda now is to find a job! (Easier said than done..)

I'm really happy to finally having the chance to be blogging regularly from now on, and I have a few more posts lined up this week so keep and eye out for those! Until then do check out my previous post (if you haven't already) on how to make your own DIY Coffee Scrub, I absolutely love it!



  1. Yaaaaay! :D no getting rid of me now! hehe xx

  2. Welcome back :). Congratulations on your graduation :)

  3. Lyndsey Ainscough17 July 2012 at 20:31

    Congratulations :) good luck hun, its tough! 2 years on and I havent :( xxx

  4. Thank you :) I know, its so tough finding anything. I hope you find somewhere soon too! xx

  5. Well, congratulations! I'm going in my 2nd year of college and I can only imagine how wonderful a feeling it must be to graduate. And I wish you all the well-being (as it concerns your health) :)


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