Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Boots 200 Clear Nails Review

As much as I hate to admit it, for most of my life I was a serial nail biter. From about the age of 2, up until I finished college, I continued to bite.
I dreamed of having beautiful long nails like everyone else around me, so by the time I did eventually stop I was very disheartened to discover I was never going to have nails like that.

My nails are very weak and bendy. I have grown them quite long(ish) before, but their shape is very distorted and they are very prone to breaking. So I've finally admitted defeat and decided to give falsies a go!


A friend of mine absolutely raves about Kiss's pack of 100 nails, so I popped into Boots to buy some (I tried their Everlasting Nails at the beginning of the year, and they were incredible!).

However, when I go there I saw Boots had their own version, but instead of 100 nails this pack contained 200, at less than £1 more. So I figured I'd give these a try (though I was a bit doubtful about the strength of the glue in this pack).

The pack contains 10 different sizes (20 of each) and nail glue.
Unlike Kiss's sets, these don't come with a nail file, which I think it could have needed.

-To begin with I picked out all 10 nails that were the closest match to my nail size.
-I then applied the glue to one of my nails, and then placed the allocated false nail on top, holding it firmly in place for a few seconds.
(note: I recommend cutting your own nails as short as you can before fixing a false nail to it, especially if your nails are prone to breaking)
-Once the nail glue has set, you can trim and file the nails to your desired length, and then you're done!

To remove these you simply soak them in acetone nail polish remover, and wipe away the nails and glue when soft.

Finished Result
I did go on to paint my nails, and no surprise I went for my absolute favourite colour: Tempting Taupe by Famous (see here).

My nails are naturally flat, but you can see these false nails are not. I have used false nails in the past but with disasterous results. Within 10 minutes I'd notice at least one was missing (with the rest soon to follow), and the glue would barely hold.

BUT, I've had these on for a few hours now with no problems at all! And they promise to last about 7 days.
I will update you to let you know if they lasted the full 7 days. So far, though, I'm very impressed.

I have 2 jobs which are pretty hands on, so if these can stand up to my lifestyle then the are pretty damn good!

I'd love to know if anyone else has tried these before?



  1. ooooh! can't wait to see how well they last for you :) I've never tried falsies before but I'd really like to give them a go. great post! xox


  2. my nails are the same i have allways been a nail biter and ive had these boots nails on for 5 days now and only one poped off so i just glued it back on by far these are the best false nails i have ever used x
    and you have a new subscriber :)


  3. the boots website is down or something, and I'm living in america where we are not cool enough to have boots, so I was wondering if you knew any possible way to order them online/telephone/unicorn (jk)

  4. hello,
    Are u from USA? i tried to buy it since the united kingdom page from boots, but when i selected USA to delivery, sent me to the usa page and can't find these nails there. Any tips? Thanx.

    1. Hi, no sorry I'm from the UK so I'm not sure where to recommend. These types of nails seem to be cropping up more and more in most UK drugstores nowadays, so you may be able to find them in similar places in the US. Sally's may be a good place to visit too. I hope you find some! xx


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