Sunday, 25 September 2011


At the end of August I said I'd be starting my Project Pan (here), where for the whole of September I wasn't going to spend any money on make-up, skincare or haircare.
HOWEVER.... I confess I broke my ban :(

You may have all seen that E.L.F. have frequently been offering very tempting deals, and had a few 50% off. Though I had managed to ignore them and resist the urge to spend. Until last week when I received an email from them which read "Last Ever 50% Off!"
-I had managed to resist their offers thinking that they do them so often that they'd have another 50% off by the time my ban was over. But this email showed this was potentially my last chance, so I logged on and and purchased :(

I thought I'd share with you the 9 products I succumbed to:


You may have seen a previous post (here) I wrote in converting an E.l.f palette to house my Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadows. I wanted to get more to store my other one, plus any other awkward sized shadows I have floating around in my collection.

I got 4 as they're so cheap, and wanted at least on spare in case I need it in the near future.

Eyebrow Kit in Medium
        With Gel                                                                                       With Gel & Powder
You may know that I am a little eyebrow obsessed, so it's no surprise I bought this! I wasn't sure which shade to go for, so I played it safe and got it in Medium. 
I'm so glad I did as you can see the dark would have been way too much, as medium comes out quite dark as it is.

I'm very happy with this product.
The compact has a little mirror inside, and also comes with a tiny brush.
-And when I say tiny, I mean TINY! The dual brush it comes with is ridiculously thin. It's so difficult to handle as it's so small, and this is coming from someone with small hands :/ 
So I don't use the brush it came with, but other than that so far I love this!

Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose
This is great for both lining and filling in the lips. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to add more definition to their lips.

I love this colour. This is the colour I've been hunting for for months. Its a lovely petal/neutral colour, with blue undertones (it's best for my skin tone, and perfect for whiter looking teeth). It's very soft, not too muted and not too in your face. For me this is perfect.
(Lip Swatches found down below)

Fantasy                                                                                                        Gypsy
When buying online it's difficult to truly see what colours your choosing, and these look a bit different to what I thought.
Out of the 2 colours I'd say Fantasy was more suited to my skin tone. Gypsy is a bit too 'in your face' for me, and I can't see myself ever having the confidence to wear this. Though Fantasy isn't really 'me' either. Though I can definitely see these suiting others.

They're definitely good quality lipsticks. It's just a shame the colours don't suit me!
(Lip Swatches found down below)

      Bark                                                                                            Pink Lemonade
I hadn't seen any reviews on these (due to me not looking for them) so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the feel of the 'liquid'. I guess I was hoping it would be very smooth, yet when I applied it it did have a sticky consistency.

Now I'm really not a big fan of lipglosses, because I hate the feel of having thick sticky goo on my lips. But the stickyness of this is very tolerable. It didn't feel like my hair would be likely to stick to it (if, say, I got caught out in wind) and these glosses give a nice minty, cooling sensation when applied. They're very subtle colours, so I will be using them on top of lipsticks to make slightly custom colours.

                 Tea Rose                                 Tea Rose with Bark (bottom lip)
Fantasy                                                         Gypsy

I haven't had a chance to use this yet, though I've been wanting to try this for ages.
I'll review this once I've got round to using it.


I had my eye on this for a while as I have a few travel-sized brushes, yet I had nowhere to store them or keep them safe.
You can see it's a little long for my travel brushes, BUT it's better than having them rattle around my bag.

Alternative Use:

You could always use this to organize any make-up you take with you on your travels.
This would store eyeliners & mascaras too, though lipsticks would get lost.

This was my total spend:
Elf Quads: £1.50 (75p)
Eyebrow Kit: £3.50 (£1.75)
Matte Lip Colour: £3.50 (£1.75)
Lipstick: £1.50 (75p)
Liquid Lipstick: £1.50 (75p)
Brush Cleaner: £3.50 (£1.75)
Brush Case: £5 (£2.50)
Total: £13.72

I know I've broken my ban, but this was potentially the last time they have 50% off for at least a few months, so I've saved money in the long term. And other than for swatches, none of this will be used until my spending ban is over. And I will continue this ban until the end of the month regardless.

It probably doesn't count, but it's better I see this as a bump in the road, instead of giving up and spending money with the idea that 'I've failed, so I might as well start spending again'.

Did anyone else take advantage of this offer? Would love to know what you got!



  1. I also bought at the 50% off too and now have a humongeous amount of products from MAC. I am officially letting you off ;) haha


  2. Haha, thank you! Makes me feel a little better ;) xx


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