Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Burberry Body Perfume

Recently everybody was talking about Burberry giving away free samples of their new fragrance 'Body' via their facebook page. I leapt at the chance to try it, so quickly applied for my sample.
After a few weeks of waiting, on Saturday it finally arrived!

There were a lot of rumours about the size of the sample, but at 4.5ml is still a pretty large sample for perfume, and the bottle is so pretty! It fits perfectly in my hand bag as it's not so small that it will get lost in there, so I can use it whenever I wish.

The Fragrance:

"The effortlessly sensual notes of rose and iris combine with woody top notes and the subtle warm tones of sandalwood for a feminine yet distinctive fragrance."

I absolutely LOVE this perfume! It's very feminine, not at all overpowering, but not too subtle.
When I first used it I was worried it would be one of those perfumes that disappears too quickly, yet hours later it hadn't faded. I'm so fussy with perfumes, and there aren't too many that I like. Though this one is now possible my favourite.
- Another of it's notes is vanilla, which is probably why I like it so much.
Full List of Notes: Green absinthe, freesia, natural rose absolute, iris, cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber, musk.

I'm so happy they did this promotion so I could try it. I have now fallen love with it, and will definitely be purchasing the full sized version at some point!

A Chance to Claim Yours:

As far as I'm aware you can still claim your FREE sample of this perfume. Just click here, select your country of residence and fill in your details. It takes no time at all!
-But I would hurry to get yours before stock runs out.

Did anyone else get this sample? Would love to know what you thought.



  1. I too received the sample. I was very skeptical as well. I used it last night and I still smell it this morning. Some folks may not care for that, but I do. Many perfumes turn into a sour smell on my skin so there are very few I can use. I am curious as to the price of this and where it can be purchased. Googled it and ran across your post!

  2. Thank you for your comment. As far as I know you can get it from Selfridges, Debenhams, House of Fraser and The Perfume Shop. I think prices start around £40.50 for 35ml, £50 for 60ml and £7.50 for 85ml.

    Carrie x


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