Thursday, 8 September 2011

Editing ELF Quads

My all-time favourite eyeshadows are from my two Dior 5 Couleurs sets. UNFORTUNATELY they are in plastic packages, and not in the Dior packaging because they were (unused) samples.

I decided to 're-package' them within an ELF quad palette so it's easier to carry around with me, as well as making them easier to store. Although it's not a new idea in the slightest, I thought I'd still take you through the quick and simple process I went through:
(Looking a bit worse for wear)
Dior 5 Couleurs - Pink Idol 770
As you can see it's in need of a lot of love. The only thing it has to protect it is a thin plastic case, which I doubt is going to last much longer - hence my moving it to a much more sturdier palette.

E.L.F Elements Quad - £1.50
The dividers are pretty easy to remove, and you don't even need any tools. Just gently pull at it and it will eventually
come away.
Note: The dividers secure the metal plate underneath, which is not fixed to the palette, so I recommend you
superglue the plate to the palette to keep it from moving around.
Heat the eyeshadow palette over hair straighteners (protecting them with a kitchen towel) to loosen the
glue so you can remove the eyeshadow pans.
I used tweezers to gently pry the eyeshadows out of the casing. Use alcohol (90%) to disolve any glue left at
the bottom of the eyeshadow, then affix adhesive magnets to the eyeshadow pans.
This is the finished palette. You can see it looks much happier in its new home!
You can of course use this method to hold other odd-shaped pans, or to hold more than 4 ordinary 26mm pans.

Note: I keep the dividers in case I ever want to use them again once the eyeshadows within the palette have been used up.

I will be doing this with all of my other 5 couleurs eyeshadow set, as well as my other various samples/awkward eyeshadows - once my Project Pan has ended of course! I've run out of my ELF quads :(


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