Thursday, 15 September 2011

Holy Grail: Face Products

Continuing with my Holy Grail series, I will now show you my favourite face products that I use everyday (or at least every time I do my make-up). There is a mixture of high-street bargains as well as high-end.
I already dedicated a post to my foundation, but here you'll find the rest of the products I use to enhance the look of my complexion: Blusher, Bronzer, Highlighter and Finishing/Setting Powder.

They are all listed in the order I use them in:

W7 Honolulu Bonzer, £1.99 from Savers

You can probably tell by the fact that it's almost finished that I like this bronzer a lot! 
I first heard about it from Nicoletta's Beauty Blog, and at such a low price I felt I had to go out and try it. She recommended it as a bargain dupe for Benefit's Hoola bronzer. Once I started using this bronzer I felt no need to look elsewhere for one. 
Once I run out completely I will 100% be getting this again!

Famous Shimmer Brick in Pink, £7 from Superdrug
GOSH Natural Blush in True Cinnamon, £6.50 from Superdrug
I use two blushers to help enhance the appearance of cheekbones (as I am completely lacking in that department). 
-I use the Lighter one by Famous on my cheek apples, and then the darker one by GOSH to contour lightly from my hairline, and along my cheekbones, to meet the other blush.
Note: I have to stress that you really do not need to use a lot of blusher, just apply it lightly and build up if you think it needs it. 
I just use these to add a subtle colour to give my face a little more definition.

Liquid Highlighter
Clarins Instant Light, £24 (full-sized)

This is a sample I got from Clarins, and it's designed to be used as a base to enhance your complexion. However, I've been using it as a liquid highlighter, applying it just to my cheekbones, and I think it works perfectly. You only need a small amount, so even this sample lasts ages.

Because I mostly wear mineral POWDER foundation, I don't get to use this often. Though if I do turn my powder into a liquid foundation/tinted moisturiser, I use this to highlight.

Powder Highlighter
M.A.C Eyeshadow in Tissueweight, £9.50

Most of the time, whilst using my powder foundation, I love using this eyeshadow to highlight my cheekbones. 
I just take a small contouring brush, lightly pick up some of the eyeshadow, and sweep it across my cheeks. It gives a lovely subtle highlight, and you really don't need a lot of it so the eyeshadow definitely doesn't get wasted by using it this way.

George Pressed Powder in No.1 Porcelain, £4 from Asda

Finally, I apply this powder to mattify after I've applied the above products (but before I do my eyes or lips). 
I discovered this on a whim whilst shopping in Asda, but I really didn't hold out much faith that it was going to be any good. Though it proved me wrong.
It's no miracle powder, it does what it says, and its a lot better than many pressed powders I've used.
The colour matches mine perfectly, the powder doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and doesn't look cakey or orange. 

This powder is very good value for money, and I'll be back for more once its gone.



  1. I love the Clarins highlighter idea! That's so clever. I sometimes find highlighters are a bit too obvious and you can nearly always see the reflective C chapes on peoples cheeks when they use them. Using the clarins base as a highlighter is a fab idea because it is very subtle.... and I bet that sample lasts forever using it that way too!


  2. Great prices!
    Nice blog! :D

  3. Thank you so much :) x

  4. Yeah this will definitely last ages. Yeah I notice that too! I prefer it to be more subtle too, rather than harsh lines. x


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